1/~ favourite paintings of royals

Empress Elisabeth of Austria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter


Remarkable Make Up Art from Russia by Veronica Azaryan

The artist Veronica Azaryan St. Petersburg reveals the absolutely magnificent works: the art of makeup on women. The end result is remarkable, faces painted in solid colors and some gold paint splashed or sprinkled with colored pigments creating beautiful texture sets. A to discover in the rest of the article work.


Sword Photography - Lady Sif

Source: Copyright © 2014 La Forja de Prometeo

Under The Skin directed by Jonathan Glazer, 2013

"When was the last time you touched someone?" - Under the Skin (2013)

What does it say about our culture when games routinely break the laws of physics and no one bats and eye? When dragons, ogres, and magic are inserted into historically influenced settings without objection? We’re perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief when it comes to multiple lives, superpowers, health regeneration, and the ability to carry dozens of weapons in a invisible backpack. But somehow the idea of a world without sexual violence and exploitation is deemed too strange and too bizarre to be believable….When we see fictional universes challenging and even transcending systematic gender oppression it subverts the dominant paradigm within our collective consciousness and helps make a more just society feel possible, tangible, and within reach.